Football betting is a form of betting with real money. First, players need to register an account and deposit money at Bk8, then refer to the odds football provided by Bk8 at platforms such as: C-Sports, M8-Sports to place bets.

About football betting platform at Bk8

Types of football bets of each match, will be provided by the bookie a few days before the event. Players can access “sports” early to track the odds. Types of football odds, will be provided by the Bk8 before each match. Bk8 members, can access “Sportsbook” platform choose C-sports or M8-sports to see early odds.

When entering C-sports or M8-sports, players will choose the match and the appropriate odds. Then, enter money into the bet ticket to participate, on each bet ticket will show details about the odds and payout when winning.

Bk8 will support early payout function on each bet ticket, if players want to receive money early before the match ends, they can do this.

Some popular online football betting odds

Handicap: Also known as handicap, this type of handicap often appears in matches in the Asian betting market. The bookie gives the handicap based on the strength of the two teams, based on this ratio the player makes an appropriate decision.

1×2 Odds: Players only need to choose 1 of the three odds: Win, Lose or Draw.

Over Under: Bk8 will give the odds, the player predicts, the total goal is greater or less than the number offered by the Bk8. If greater than Over and smaller than Under.

There are also corner bets, throw-in, score bets, etc.

The advantages of football betting at Bk8 bookie


Bk8 has an extremely prominent red and yellow background, the information on the website is displayed in white, both simple and sophisticated.

The betting lists of the football betting platform are clearly arranged, players can bet easily even if they are just joining for the first time.

Bk8 bookie allows players to bet on football online with both mobile and PC, extremely convenient.

Easy payment

At Bk8, online football betting players can deposit or withdraw money at any time.

All transactions only take place from 5 to 10 minutes, simple operation.

Bk8 bookie offers many payment methods for players to choose from: ATM, internet banking, e-wallets,…

Customer care

During the online football betting process, if players encounter any problems, Bk8 can provide timely support.

Service staff is available 24/7, whether on weekends or public holidays.

Various odds

The number of football bets at Bk8 is constantly being updated, players can choose Handicap, 1X2 betting, Malay odds, Indo Odds, correct score,…

Depending on the match, there will be a different number of bets, Bk8 bookie updates before the official time takes place, players have many opportunities to bet.

Bets are accepted when information is displayed on the bet slip and confirmed by Bk8.

Lot of matches

Major tournaments in the world: Euro, World Cup, La Liga, Premier League,…

Friendly tournament, grass football, domestic tournaments.

Every day there are hundreds of different matches, allowing players to both watch online and place bets.

How to play football betting at Bk8 bookie

If the player does not have an account, please visit Bk8 and select “Join“. Players provide personal information, complete the form requested by Bk8. The player then agrees to the terms and conditions to complete the registration process. Players log in to their betting account, proceed to make a deposit according to the appropriate method.

At Bk8 bookie homepage, players choose “sportsbook”=> football betting => match => odds => bet.

In general, the way to bet on football online at bk8 bookie is extremely simple. Players not only have many betting options, but also are enthusiastically and thoughtfully supported by bookies during the betting process. Hopefully, through this article, players will love the football betting platform and come to bk8 when in need. Good luck players!