Bk8 Mobile App is a breakthrough of Bk8 bookie. The software is suitable for both iOS and Android operating systems, players can comfortably use mobile phones and place bets at any time.

Bk8 bookie is organizing many attractive promotions, players who bet on Mobile App can still participate in promotions. Each player only needs to create an account, install the Bk8 Mobile App to receive free bonuses.

  Bk8 Mobile App - Great Games On All Devices

How to install the Bk8 Mobile App

Step 1: Visit Bk8’s website and select the “Download” icon on the menu bar.

Step 2: Click Apple iOS or Android for mobile download.

New tab will open up and you will be redirected to an app preview page

Click Open on app preview page

Step 3: You will  redirected to a ” Dice Dice Dice” app on AppStore instead  of BK8 App

Click ” GET” to install ” Dice Dice Dice” app

Step 4: Open ” Dice Dice Dice” to launch the BK8 and ẹnjoy your game

Note: Direct search pf ” Dice Dice Dice” app in AppStore will not grand your access to BK8 app.

How to install the Bk8 Mobile App

Features of Bk8 mobile app


Mobile is an essential device for people, players who don’t have much free time can bet right on their personal mobile phone, without limitation of time or space.

Variety of games

Bk8 mobile app is a miniature version of Bk8, players can experience all games with sportsbook, live casino, slot games, and lottery platforms. Players do not have to skip any matches when placing bets using the Bk8 mobile app.

Beautiful interface

The interface design is simple but sophisticated, suitable for all Android and iphone operating systems.

Games or sports matches are sharp, easy to use.

The operation is simple and the quality is not inferior to betting on PC.

Easy payment

Players can deposit or withdraw money right on the app.

Transaction time from 5 to 10 minutes.

With outstanding features, Bk8 bookie has created a Bk8 mobile app that is easy to use and receives great feedback from players. If you are already an official member of Bk8, don’t forget to download the Bk8 mobile app to your personal mobile phone. Good luck players!